Israel, Palestine and paradoxical multiculturalism

PublicSpirit is a new website which investigates the links between ‘faith’ and public policy. It was initiated by Prof Tariq Modood (Director of the Centre for Ethnicity and Citizenship at Bristol University). He asked me to write a short piece for the site on multiculturalism, in relation to ‘muscular liberalism’ and the claim by Prime Minister Cameron, that ‘state multiculturalism’ has failed.  So I did.  I used the recent trip I made to Israel and Palestine with a group of young people (sponsored by Leeds Met University and the UK Friends of Abraham’s Path) as the reference point for the article. It was a difficult trip, and a difficult piece to write.  The Israeli state’s treatment of the Palestinians is monstrous, but our group, mainly, seemed incapable of understanding the deep history of ‘anti-Judaism’ which is the context for Israel’s iron fist. You can read my article here. PublicSpirit looks like being an important contribution to the analysis of the increasingly significant role of religion in society today.

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