Generation 1968ers recall & reflect on those heady days

“So you think you want a revolution, well, you know . . .” sang #JohnLennon. Yes, I did, and so did #LouiseLavender #TomSteele#SarahPerrigo #GildaPeterson #MikeMcGrath
Here are our memories of those heady days. I guess you’ve got to be about 70 and still infected with the Virus68 to be much bothered with this, but there are, thankfully, lots of younger people brimming with enthusiasm for radical social change, so please read on.
(Published by the journal Northern History.)
Immense thanks to #ChristianHogsbjerg for putting all this together and for the great intro, analysing to the 1968 Leeds University Union sit-in, and reminding us of the nefarious  #JackStraw