Critical Public Scholarship: on emotion and ‘race’

Before I decided to stop writing as an academic I agreed with my friends Karim Murji and Gargi Bhattacharyya to try and write something about political engagement in the sociology of ‘race’ for a special edition of Ethnic and Racial Studies.  I wanted to say something about the emotional work that goes on when we enter the fraught field of what used to be called ‘race relations’. It turned out to be a very hard task.  My article (after helpful comments from the editors and referees) ended up with this title:

How can we meet ‘the demands of the day’? Producing an affective, reflexive, interpretive, public sociology of ‘race’.

(Info on how to get a copy appears below.)

Karim and Gargi have now organised a launch event at the University of East London,on Wednesday 17th July 2013 (10.30 – 5.30):

Race Critical Public Scholarship – pursuing justice in austere times

Here’s the remit for the day conference:

The climate of so-called austerity is hardening inequalities, including institutional racism, has facilitated a resurgence of overtly racist political parties and a troubling renewal of  popular racism across Europe and beyond. In recent decades, there has been an implication that engaged scholarship in the field of race equality should address the state – perhaps by providing better evidence for policy or critiquing existing interventions. Yet in the present context of cutbacks and competition for the most basic of services, there seems little opportunity to engage officialdom in this way.
This workshop considers what scholars may be able to contribute to the wider struggle against racial injustice in such times.  Contributors include Nira Yuval-Davis, Steve Garner, Max Farrar, Michael Keith, Bridget Byrne, Nasar Meer, Ronit Lentin, Les Back and John Solomos.
It is free.  Please register here:
The event also acts as a launch and public engagement event for the special issue of Ethnic and Racial Studies, ‘Race Critical Public Scholarship’, edited by Karim Murji and Gargi Bhattacharyya.
Other papers in the special issue are online at:
Not everyone is able to access these websites free so here’s the final draft of my article  Demands of the day – Affective, Reflexive, Interpetive public sociology of race (upload) v4 18 Jan13 (the published version is slightly different)
The publishers (Taylor and Francis) announced in July 2013 that my article in its published version can be downloaded for free from here  That facility might not last for ever, of course.

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