Islamism and Terror – a Western way of doing politics

This chapter in an edited collection sets out in some detail the history of that tendency within Islam that has adopted an explicitly political strategy in order to introduce the Islamic ummah across the globe.  This tendency is usually referred to as ‘Islamism’ to distinguish it from the majority view that Islam is system of belief and a way of life which does not require its own political formations. The chapter then distinguishes the various forms that political Islam has taken over the past 90 years or so, with much reference to the Muslim Brotherhood. It ends with a section on the minority position which seeks to legitimate terror as a political tactic (referred to as the Al Qaida network).  It was written before the so-called Arab Spring, in which the Muslim Brotherhood, began to achieve governmental power in some Middle Eastern countries.

Ch 15 Farrar Islamism 6 Dec 2011 final & Bibliog

The chapter appears in the book Islam in the West – Key issues in multiculturalism which I co-edited with Simon Robinson, Yasmin Valli and Paul Wetherly (Palgrave 2012).  If you need to cite it, with page numbers, you’ll have to get the book from a library.  (The PDF of this chapter supplied by the publisher doesn’t include its Bibliography.)

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