Multiculturalism in the UK – a contested discourse

Ch 2 Farrar Multiculturalism – contested final & Bib

In this chapter I join with those who say – despite its flaws – that we need more multiculturalism in the UK, not less.  I refer briefly to ‘interculturalism’, embraced by some as an improvement on multiculturalism.  I argue instead for a new discourse of ‘critical multiculturalism’.  This would include advocacy of social and economic equality, as well as – perhaps a precondition of – ‘racial’ equality.

Harvard style citation is:

Farrar, Max (2012) ‘Multiculturalism – a contested discourse’ in Farrar, Max, Robinson, Simon, Valli, Yasmin and Wetherly, Paul (eds. 2012)  Islam in the West – Key issues in multiculturalism. London: Palgrave.

If you need to cite it, with the publishers’  page numbers, you’ll have to get the book from a library.  (The PDF of this chapter supplied by the publisher doesn’t include its Bibliography.)

Ch 2 Farrar Multiculturalism – contested final & Bib




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