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From 1972 to 1976 I was deeply involved with the Chapeltown News Collective, which produced a community newspaper aimed at the residents of the Leeds 7 and 8 neighbourhoods.  We were a small group of young white and black radicals who lived in Chapeltown. For most of its short life, Chapeltown News was literally produced on our dining room table.  Our means of production were an electric typewriter, Letraset, a set square, scalpels and Cow Gum, and the new-fangled ‘offset litho’ printing presses that were just appearing.  Each month we chronicled the racism, police brutality, resistance and cultural creativity which made Chapeltown such a distinctive neighbourhood.  Its critique of the police led to their decision to fabricate charges against me of incitement to riot after the violent urban protest in Chapeltown on Bonfire Night in 1975.

Chapeltown News archive

One or two facsimiles of Chapeltown News can be found on the Moving Here web-site.

A more or less complete set of Chapeltown News is stored at the West Yorkshire Archives in Sheepscar, Leeds.

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  1. Simon

    It was a black led initiative which was the idea of the black activists of Chapeltown. You can re-tell this story without centring yourself as the “white radical” denying the black participants of their agency. The idea that we could not have done this without you. You have no idea how this imperialist centring of the white self propagate the notion that black people lact agency. Give the community members their due and stop centring yourselves in that generation’s stories.

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