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Article in Social Science

Article in Social Science
Matters, 2, September 2009

Cracking the Ivory Tower: proposing ‘an interpretive public sociology’

Chapter contributed to:
New Social Connections: Sociology’s Subjects and Objects
 Judith Burnett, Syd Jeffers, Graham Thomas (editors)
 Palgrave (2009) Download as word .doc file

Critical Public Scholarship: on emotion and ‘race’

Before I decided to stop writing as an academic I agreed with my friends Karim Murji and Gargi Bhattacharyya to try and write something about political engagement in the sociology of ‘race’ for a special edition of Ethnic and Racial Studies.  I wanted to say something about the emotional work that goes on when we enter […]

Diverse communities and the question of cohesion

Ages ago I was asked to write a chapter on diversity for a book on the Yorkshire and Humberside region put together by colleagues at Leeds Metropolitan University. I got tremendous help from Professor John Stillwell (Geography, Leeds University) who produced statistical maps for me at the drop of a hat. The chapter contains lots […]