7 responses to “ZYGMUNT BAUMAN — My appreciation, and thanks”

  1. Vic j.j.Seidler

    So lovely to read this Max and such a warm and loving reminder of Zygmunt.

    Warm wishes and stay warm


  2. Susan

    Thank you for this Max.
    Zygmunt was an inspiration and a delight.
    He was warm, fun and a wonderful teacher. Your article expresses my feelings towards him and I very much enjoyed reading it.
    I came to Leeds for the Taking Soundings meeting in 2016 in the hope of hearing him one last time. I brought a letter, it had taken me 35 years to write, to give to him. It explained how important his thinking and him, as a role model, teacher and man, had been to me. I blush to say that it was my first (and much more deserved!) ‘fan letter’ since David Cassidy (1973). Alas, the meeting was cancelled due to his ill-health (and I spent a very cold day walking around ‘memory lane’ in Leeds.)
    My very good friend Terry Wassall shared this article with me and I will now share it with my own students who have benefited from Professor Bauman’s work since 1982.)
    All best wishes,

  3. Keith Tester

    Thank you Max – this is a lovely piece of writing, and the best memory of Zygmunt. You’ve captured a lot of Zygmunt as I knew him too but in my memory he is always shrouded in scented pipe tobacco. I also remember him telling me around 2002 that he had written his last book.

  4. Keith Tester

    I’ve only just come across this lovely piece Max – thank you so much for writing it. I first encountered him in 1985 when I went to Leeds as a PhD student – he was far less concerned in my PhD than in pointing me into the garden of forking paths (he loved that story by Borges) with the confidence to find my own way through it. I’ve never got out of it and hope I never shall. He never gave directions, instead he always encouraged me to take the next steps for myself. On a more personal note he helped me to a degree he never knew through the illness and death of my father. He also introduced me to the horrors of over-consumption of vodka.

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