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Interculturalism or Critical Multiculturalism?

Interculturalism or Critical Multiculturalism?

My friends at the Dialogue Society persuaded me to help them convene a conference on multiculturalism at Mevlana University in Turkey in 2012. This involved editing the papers we selected for the conference. I did this in such a rush that even my own paper wasn’t properly checked – hence the book the Dialogue Society published included a note saying the editing wasn’t complete. I’m now uploading my own paper (corrected), which compares ‘interculturalism’ with my own preferred term ‘critical multiculturalism’.

‘Interculturalism’ or ‘critical multiculturalism’: which discourse works best?

The whole book is available here. Debating MultiCulturalism 1 

(The Dialogue Society will probably send you a print copy if you ask them. They are exceedingly generous.)


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