Diverse communities and the question of cohesion

Ages ago I was asked to write a chapter on diversity for a book on the Yorkshire and Humberside region put together by colleagues at Leeds Metropolitan University. I got tremendous help from Professor John Stillwell (Geography, Leeds University) who produced statistical maps for me at the drop of a hat. The chapter contains lots of useful information about the spread of ethnic groups across Yorkshire, along with some analysis of the ‘community cohesion’ trope that emerged in British public life after the violent urban protest in four northern cities in 2001. It was published in A Collection of Essays on Place, Skills and Governance in the Yorkshire and Humberside Region edited by Devins, D, Long, P and Koutsoukos, S (Leeds Metropolitan University, 2010).

It can be downloaded here

Diverse Communities Cohesion (2010) Max Farrar Final2

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