Critical Multiculturalism’s response to diverse Islamic thought and practice

My friend Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani invited me to talk to his students at the Al-Mahdi Institute in Birmingham last October, so I wrote this paper and then forgot to post it. It develops the position I’ve advanced elsewhere, that I call ‘critical multiculturalism’ as a way of thinking about, and responding to,  the various types of Islamic praxis we encounter today.

You can download the paper from here

Critical M:c paper for Al-Mahdi

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A brief account of the troubled history of multicultural discourse in the UK since the 1960s, concluding with an outline of ‘critical multiculturalism’ as a device for keeping the best aspects of m/c and making it fit for a progressive politics in the 21st century:

Multiculturalism in the UK – a contested discourse

Further consideration of m/c in light of the the suggestion that it is replaced by ‘interculturalism’; sticking with my suggestion that ‘critical m/c’ is the way forward.

Interculturalism or Critical Multiculturalism?


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