Why has sociology failed to learn and teach about Islam and the lives of Muslims?

I’ve just completed my three-year appointment as an Associate of the Higher Education Academy within its Islamic Studies Network  Working with Prof Malcolm Todd, our task was to promote learning about, and specifically teaching in British universities about Islam and the lives of Muslims, from the perspective of social science. While we did some good work, […]

Multiculturalism in the UK – a contested discourse

Ch 2 Farrar Multiculturalism – contested final & Bib In this chapter I join with those who say – despite its flaws – that we need more multiculturalism in the UK, not less.  I refer briefly to ‘interculturalism’, embraced by some as an improvement on multiculturalism.  I argue instead for a new discourse of ‘critical […]

Not ‘riots’ but ‘violent urban protest’

This is a chapter in a book published in 2009 which chronicles the so-called riots in Britain, usually led by black youth, since 1975. Although there are politicos who love the term ‘riot’, and admire the illustrious history of the so-called ‘mob’ in European history, this chapter argues that, sociologically, these events should be understood […]

White man: black history. Some problems and some possibilities.

Paper delivered to THE THIRD ‘LEEDS IN CONTEXT’ CONFERENCE, Organised by the School of Cultural Studies at the Beckett Park Campus, Leeds Metropolitan University, 10TH March 2001 Download as .pdf file