Critical Multiculturalism’s response to diverse Islamic thought and practice

My friend Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani invited me to talk to his students at the Al-Mahdi Institute in Birmingham last October, so I wrote this paper and then forgot to post it. It develops the position I’ve advanced elsewhere, that I call ‘critical multiculturalism’ as a way of thinking about, and responding to,  the various types […]

Interculturalism or Critical Multiculturalism?

My friends at the Dialogue Society persuaded me to help them convene a conference on multiculturalism at Mevlana University in Turkey in 2012. This involved editing the papers we selected for the conference. I did this in such a rush that even my own paper wasn’t properly checked – hence the book the Dialogue Society […]

Migrants and Settlers: Space and Time in English Inner City

Chapter published in: Westwood, S. and Williams, J. (1997) Imagining Cities. London: Routledge, pp.104-126) Download as .pdf file

Multiculturalism in the UK – a contested discourse

Ch 2 Farrar Multiculturalism – contested final & Bib In this chapter I join with those who say – despite its flaws – that we need more multiculturalism in the UK, not less.  I refer briefly to ‘interculturalism’, embraced by some as an improvement on multiculturalism.  I argue instead for a new discourse of ‘critical […]