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Fethullah Gülen and the Kurdish question in Turkey today

This is an update of an earlier post on this topic . . . I’ve been working with the British Turkish Muslims organised in the UK as the Dialogue Society (DS) for about five years now. They follow the philosophy outlined by the Turkish Muslim scholar Fetullah Gülen.  (A link to explain more about Mr Gülen appears […]

Generation 1968ers recall & reflect on those heady days

Generation 1968ers recall & reflect on those heady days

Paris Today Leeds Tomorrow Remembering 1968 in Leeds “So you think you want a revolution, well, you know . . .” sang #JohnLennon. Yes, I did, and so did #LouiseLavender #TomSteele#SarahPerrigo #GildaPeterson #MikeMcGrath Here are our memories of those heady days. I guess you’ve got to be about 70 and still infected with the Virus68 […]

Going to the cinema

Attack the Block (dir Joe Cornish 2011) was utterly wonderful – funny, touching and, apart from the man-eating, pheronome-seeking Cooky Monsters from outer space, completely believable. (TV download, 4th November) Tyrannosaur (dir Paddy Considine, 2011) was MUCH better than the trailer suggested. Not at all the  ‘kind middle class lady reforms brutal working class man’ that I’d […]