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Remembering Oluwale and raising funds for the Memorial Garden (3 May 14)

Remembering Oluwale and raising funds for the Memorial Garden (3 May 14)

I’m Secretary the Remember Oluwale charity. All you need to know is on our website  and our Facebook page  I think we are contributing to the new type of politics that is developing today.  A politics with a small ‘p’, which consciously links struggles and issues, develops partnerships, uses the arts as a primary means of communicating its message, and which asks for commitment and conscience, but doesn’t require you to join a party or toe a line. We are part of a broad movement for social progress and change, that understands our past and pushes for progress.

An example of this is our fundraiser on Saturday 3rd May. We have performances from the Virtual Migrants  – poets, artists and musicians with a mission, and Angel of Youths – a youth group of dancers based in the Nigerian Community in Leeds. Because of David’s Nigerian origins we have built good links with their association, and we are very pleased that their President, Mr Lanre Fakunle will be making a short speech. We have excellent support from the city council and good links with Touchstone – two agencies doing all they can to improve the lives of people who endure similar problems to David’s. So we are equally pleased that Cllr Alison Lowe (Touchstone’s director) will also say a few words. I’ll say something too. One thing I’ll do is big up the students at Leeds Met University who have designed the memorial garden and organised this event.

But the main point of the evening is for people to gather together to enjoy themselves. There will be street food on sale from Nigeria, Vietnam and India. It will include halal and vegetarian dishes. There will be stalls from local artists and crafts people. There will be a bar – and non-alcoholic Nigerian cocktails. Plenty of time for meeting people and chatting. (Doors open and 7pm and performances start at 8.) This must be central to the new politics: conviviality and pleasure. If we can raise a few pounds for the Memorial Garden so much the better.

If you are in or near Leeds, please be there.

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